Monday, May 26, 2008

Puerto Rico que Rico!

Eliot and I headed to the lovely Caribbean island of Puerto Rico to see my darling good friend Shelli marry. The day before we left I had the worst bout of food poisoning. Granted I had never had food poisoning before so I thought it was pretty awful. El was the perfect man. He held my hair back and rubbed my back, he was so sweet and patient. Luckily, I felt better before we left for PR, though, the flight was a little, well, rough. I spent some quality time in the tiny little bathroom hoping for good aim. Enough about my digestive system.

We arrived in Puerto Rico and picked up the rented car headed towards Fajardo which is located on the north eastern point of the island. The island has a national forest el Yunque that is located near there and towards the center. The island is small. One could easily drive the circumference in less than 10 hours. The only problem is the roads are not in the best shape and not well labeled. Therefore, getting to town was a cinch but finding our hotel was a little difficult. Our hotel, Fajardo Inn, was located on the top of a mountain with the view of the city and the Atlantic all around. It was clear that the Inn was newly opened. Some rooms were still being painted and decorated, the restaurants were brand new, and the smell was of new hotel (kind of like new car but different.)

The next day we woke up early and hung out by the marina for breakfast then spent the afternoon at the pool. We took a nap and headed to El Conquistador for the wedding. The resort was gorgeous. Shelli and Mike got married on the side of a cliff overlooking the ocean. It was spectacular. The ceremony was lovely. Intimate and warm. We had drinks in the labyrinth garden and then were escorted in for dinner and dancing. The wedding was amazing. Shelli and Mike are wonderful and there is nothing better than being able to see people you love in love and embarking in a lifetime together.

Dinner was a four-course meal. It was the first day I was really able to eat again which worked out perfectly. We danced. We drank. Eliot loves a wedding. He loves to dance and enjoys the happiness, so of course it made it even better. Towards the end of the evening, Shelli and Mike passed their bouquet to the couple they believed would be the next to marry. They were given the bouquet at a wedding a few weeks prior and wanted to pass along the tradition. They passed it on to Eliot and I.

The next day we slept. We were exhausted. We were lazy in bed until about noon. We checked out and headed into San Juan. We hung out in Old San Juan for a couple of hours, which gave us enough time to have lunch and check out a couple of galleries. The city is quaint and you can clearly see the Spanish influence on the architecture. Our flight was changed to leave a little earlier than we had thought so we returned the car and headed to the airport. All in all in a wonderful trip. Best Wishes Shelli and Mike!

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