Monday, May 5, 2008

Vinoy Brunch

Eliot and I went to brunch Sunday morning with Cd and Fred at the Vinoy downtown St. Pete and it was surely a treat. The Vinoy is located near the water by Straub park. On this particular Sunday morning the day was already setting up to be be beautiful as the water glimmered and the parking was easy to find.

The brunch itself was spectacular. There were several stations with the sous chefs prepared to fulfill your every whim. A seafood stand with fresh mussels, shrimp, lobster and the best tasting crab were up for grabs, along with the raw bar there was several prepared choices ready for the picking as well. There was a tapas selection filled with olives, sausage, and some damn good crab cakes. A meat stand with a cutter slicing your hearts desire, a fruit and cheese area, a full service breakfast man making eggs Benedict on the spot and providing an plethora of other breakfast delights. The smoothie bar and dessert area were equally as decadent providing a fondue fountain, cakes, decorate your own cookie for the kids and the terribly delicious creme brulee. Without further gushing it is evident that it was a truly indulgent.

Mimosas, bottomless coffee, fresh squeezed orange juice surrounded us and of course one of the best parts of the whole thing is enjoying such a fun meal with such good friends. It was certainly the best way to start a Sunday morning.

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  1. Yeah, the vinoy brunch rocks, and the company was even better! I think you should definitely crash stitch and bitch!

    Keep me posted on peru. Also, I have a great article (I think, I haven't read it yet....), on fab yoga places. Maybe one is in India and we could do a yoga India trip. woohoo!