Saturday, August 2, 2008

Singing in the Plaza

We were taking a walk to the best ice cream place in town and we began noticing strange men in very odd costumes. First it was one or two then it was truck loads, so we decided to investigate. The Plaza Mina was hoping with Cadiz residents and completely surrounded by truck loads of funny dressed mostly men. As they were all have a few beers before beginning the festivities I asked a local what was going on. He explained to me that this was the City Singing Carousel Carnival (duh) and that in just a few minutes they will begin singing.

It was really entertaining. There were the folks dressed as prisoners. Ones that were dressed in renaissance fare. The ones that looked like shriners. The ones dressed as women, of course. And the ones dressed as bikers. I am not sure who was the art designer for the event but it was a trip checking them all out and watching them try to out sing each other. The Bikers were a bit of trip because the sand Spanish rock and roll, including a fairly amusing rendition of "We will Rock You."

Most of the songs were almost like extended limericks. The usually had a little story or a moral of some kind. For example:
  • There was one about a real friend is also a true gentleman.
  • A hungry husband will cheat on his wife so keep him feed.
  • There is no better place to take a crap then in your own bathroom.
Surely, these are life lessons for the young and old. Of course there were people sitting and clapping along. Small children throwing pop rocks near people's feet. A grand ol' time on a Saturday Night in the southern part of Spain. Perfect weather and great entertainment. Why don't we ever find truckloads of men singing in funny suits in the States?

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  1. we could hire a bunch of funny men in outfits for the wedding instead of dj