Monday, January 12, 2009

So many little things....

It's been about a month since I have written. We have passed the entire holiday season without a proper Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah or Delightful Kwanzaa from good ol' spiritualmaya, for that I apologize. Now we are entering the middle of January and I successfully made it through knee surgery and my first official wedding event, my Bridal shower. It was lovely! All the ladies together sipping tea and eating scones. Can't wait for all the more fun to come!

What I suppose inspired me to write this grayish Florida morning is that I am covering a friend's class and I was looking at my facebook. Facebook has reconnected so many of us with so many old friends from so many different time periods of our life. I look at my facebook several times a day and I am sure that I am not the only one. I have i-phone application that actually allows me to look at my facebook on the go, just in case some has decided to make a fun comment on my page or post pictures from their last family vacation. I enjoy it; peeking into the permissible slivers of our people's lives.

But at what point do you tell yourself that some of these people are really not your friends or at least haven't been for 15 years and wasn't there something that satisfied you when you let them go? A part of growing up is letting go of certain things in your sleeping in every day until noon, or getting Taco Bell 5 times a move on because you grow up. Is it healthy to reconnect with people that knew you before you really figured out who you were? Isn't the image they have of you as a 14 year old freshman in high different than the person that you have become? And what are the chances that you will sit down and have a heart to heart with that person that now lives in Nebraska, so you can fill them in on all of life's little peaks and valleys?

I wonder that if in the spirit of keeping in touch and peeking in, that there isn't something that is self-deprecating in the process. And if that is the case then, is that healthy?


  1. true. i agree, but i'm glad we're still in touch...

  2. Perhaps. I think that some of the people are just friend whores who want everyone whom they have ever met to be on their friend list to increase their numbers. However, there are some people I've reconnected with from high school who I am now developing a different relationship with based on the people they are now. Sure some of those people are going to remain at a surface level, but there is the chance that one or two may grow from high school friend to reminiscence (spelling?) with to an actually current day friend. That's the beauty of facebook. It's hope in a social network.

  3. Christy, I think what you wrote about facebook connections is so true. You explained so perfectly what I have struggled with as I reconnect with folks from my past. Although I don't live with regrets, I know that I have evolved into a somewhat different gal since high school/college/camp..
    I am going to frequent and enjoy your blog... your insights are well said!
    Hope you are well and enjoying wedding anticipation!