Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Hope

It's odd being a first generation American from a full family that immigrated through different countries just to be here in the USA. I feel like I should be a flag waving, red/white/blue bleeding, bbq lovin', pick up driving American. I feel like I should appreciate the guns, the laws, the big brother super power that we as a country have become, but the thing is, that the very beauty of being an American is having the prerogative to differ from the government’s perspective. I can want more out of my country. I can hope for the words in the pledge of allegiance to mean something deeper, bigger. I can expect a union that can provide liberty and justice to ALL. Until Blacks make the same salary as Whites, the Gay/Lesbian community can marry freely and every person has an opportunity attain equal health care, I am not sure that that pledge will be recited by my lips.

On Tuesday, things seem to change just a little bit. An eloquent educated man took the oath of presidential office. He was voted by the majority of the people despite the color of his skin or the age on his driver's license. The American people stood together for the first time in my life time and said enough is enough. No more nepotism. No more blurry lines between church and state. No more tapping of our natural resources for personal material gain. No more war. No more.

I watched the inauguration in an auditorium filled with teenagers. My hands were sweaty as he took his vow to our country. I smiled as his nervousness seeped through. I got chills as he addressed the people. I was filled with hope first the first time in my life about the possible pathway that we as a people can walk together. There is no doubt that the promises are weighty and that to accomplish all things for all people is neither possible nor probable, but the hope that has grown exponentially in a short two months is palpable.

I am proud to be an American, one nation under God. Finally.

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