Friday, August 14, 2009

Ugly Food Day

Yesterday I continued with my culinary adventures. I woke up with a real hankering for scones. Hungry Girl has a recipe that I have used before which is pretty good and of course you have the benefit of not loading up the calories. The only little thing is that it calls for vanilla soy milk and I didn't have that on hand. I substituted with regular milk and a dash of vanilla. Not sure that was the greatest plan. I suppose that taste is what ultimately matters, they did taste good, but boy were they the ugliest scones I have ever seen. I actually thought they were a little soft but the critics (aka BKay, Doraida and Rolando) disagreed.

Abuela's salad was my next mission. My grandma makes the simplest tastiest potato salad. It is just potatoes and hard boiled eggs. The trick to this salad is to be sure to properly salt it. I prefer to eat it warm but it can be eaten cold as well. It is super easy. I steamed up one large potato, the kind you'd use for a loaded bake potato, and boiled 4 eggs. Add salt to both pots of water. Add salt to the potato. Once everything is cooked, diced and mixed together, salt one more time. The yellowish look of the whole thing doesn't scream yum, but eat up!

The last of the taco meat I used to make spaghetti and meat sauce, then used to the sauce to make a pizza. Pizza with fresh mushrooms and onions, layered with mozerella. This too got rave reviews! It was simple! The impromtu game night attendents enjoyed the treats. Tre and I maintained our Taboo title. Us against the world!

My crafty sense kicked in and I have been crocheting. I am making a nifty scarf. In these moments I wish I lived in Alaska to use these more often. I also made a bolster pillow that matches the ottoman that I recovered a while ago. Tomorrow marks the return to school. The end of summer! The day teachers all over come out of the summer hibernation and excitedly teach the young minds of the future. If we teach them well they will lead the way.

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