Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Cooking some more...

The cooking continues. I have made more interesting and delicious things than I can recall in this quick blog entry at the moment. The greatest thing is the food processor that we got for our wedding. It really is amazing. Who knew what life could bring with such basic technology. I have made some great things. The ones featured here below are pesto pizza, gazpacho, and tri-brunch treats: cinnamon rolls, banana muffins and breakfast cookie.

The tri-brunch are all recipes from the Hungry Girl cookbook. The recipes were easy to follow and really allow for an indulging breakfast buffet without the awful caloric guilt. This particular brunch was post church a couple of Sunday mornings ago. The Newmans, Brig and I went to Allendale UMC and then walked across the parking lot to enjoy the feast that I worked on most of the previous day.

In addition to the baked goods, I made scrambled eggs, bacon, vegetarian sausage, chorizo and toast which was all served with tasty coffee and juice. It was a lovely brunch. We discussed the morning sermon and chatted about the week to come.

The Pesto Pizza was really good, I must say. It was my first pesto. I made a pesto crusted mahi-mahi which was also delicious (so good that I took a picture halfway through eating it and decided it was a little too gross to post) and a pesto pasta. The pizza was by far my favorite and as most things I make I just threw it together to the ultimate cook goodness.

Honestly, I have made much better gazpacho. The coloring of this one looks like a gazpacho I used to have every summer on the beach in Cadiz. My last summer in Spain, Shelli and I ate at this one place a lot. We seemed to order several of the same items that we were addicted too: grilled peppers, salads with and without tuna (she was preggers, no mercury for her) and gazpacho. The other tapas we varied a bit. I was so excited when my gazpacho turned out this orangey colored because it took me back to a place and time that was so enriching and delightful, but instead it took me back to my heavy garlic hand. There was something a bit off early on in the taste and I feared over salting, so I compensated with a bit more garlic and that was the end of that. Every damn Spanish (or from any other culture--trying to be equal) vampire would have fallen flat dead at the slightest of taste tests.


  1. Next time I make Gazpacho I'll pay attention to every ingredient and the amounts...It's tough to get it right, but I've got it down.
    Your pesto pizza looks amazing!
    I'm not so sure about brunch treats though...I'm not much of a treat guy.
    Keep up the good work and the photos!

  2. Mmm. The pizza looks good. I hope Eliot has his appetite back.

  3. It totally looks like it! It was Rompeolas!!! haha! :) miss it so much. Love the reminder of me ordering without tuna. Everything "sin atun" o "descafeinado" haha!!!

    love ya