Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Puzzler

Eliot has been feeling better which is wonderful. He is still not 100% but certainly better. Since he is at home and watched every single thing on television at least twice he has tap into an old favorite of his: puzzle making. When we moved in together along with Eliot came an extensive game collection which was much to my delight because I too had accumulated many board games through the years. Together our board games take an entire set of shelves in the garage. You read correctly: board games. Not video games or computer games but real ol' school family game night games. We are talking Monopoly, Scrabble, Taboo, Life, Dominoes, Trivia Pursuit...and on it goes. (Excitingly we added Boogle to this last week!)

The board games were not it, there was also an entire box on puzzles. Specifically Hometown Collection ones..actually these are really the only ones he will do. Over the weekend, he had run out. He had actually gone through the entire box of puzzles. Once he's put one together he really has no interest in putting it together again. I went to Target and the only one of this brand they had left he had already completed in less than 24 hours this past week, so I opted for getting some others; some that are more of a challenge. Bigger ones! Crazier designs! Photographs rather than folk art paintings! He wasn't as excited. And out of the four I picked up, I have to go return two. Sigh.

Even though he is a pill about his puzzles, I enjoy every piece we put together, together. I have memories of being a little girl and my parents and I hovering over puzzles on the dinner table for hours that turned into days. The week or so before Eliot and I got married we actually bought the HomeTown Wedding and put it together. My coffee table and is now that old dining room table.

Can you guess which towns these are suppose to be?


  1. 1. Oshkosh, WI
    2. Lancaster, PA
    3. San Francisco, CA

    What's my prize?