Saturday, October 10, 2009

U2:360 Tour was Out of this World!

Before we got married which was almost 7 months ago now, Eliot heard that U2 was coming in concert. Instead of waiting for the sale day, he joined the fan club and bought tickets. He called his sister, she did the same. He called his BFF, he did the same. Tickets were purchased and secured. They arrived and we placed them in the top drawer of the dresser, not with the underwear but the drawer right next to it. The last 7 months as many of you know, has been long. We have certainly missed many events. We had baseball tickets that went unused, weddings that we missed, and trips that we canceled. The last 3 weeks Eliot has progressively felt better. He has been eating well and has gained some weight back. It has been a long haul and we aren't completely in the clear. Due to our hopefulness, and faith in God, we decided that it was worth venturing to the concert.

Some tactical planning had to be done. Since there were 70,000 people in the greater Tampa Bay area were at the Raymond James Buccaneer Stadium last night to see the world's greatest rock band: U2. BKay borrowed a wheelchair to help Eliot conserve energy from the parking lot to our section 206. This was a great help and though, he wasn't particularly thrilled about riding around, he was happy that we made him do it. His parents had decided on contingency plans if suddenly he didn't feel well but there was no need to activate them. So many folks we know were at the show, the Klinks came by and hung out through Muse, texting with the Koshys, the Broadways, and the Sistrunks.

The show was hands down the greatest show on earth and this does include Barnum and Bailey. It was spectacular! Every song was perfect! The showmanship led by Bono had every person in the crowd at the edge of their seats. The lights, the stage that looked like it was going to walk away at the end, the slinky video screen expanding, spinning, and shrinking, marching people with masks, running laps! There was no end to the willingness to amaze the audience. It was one of those concerts that even though the cougar in front of us was giving her boyfriend a perpetual ass massage (squeeze, pat, rub, squeeze, pat, rub) you could shake your head and ignore it just because you were in the presence of real greatness.

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  1. Yea! I'm so happy you both were able to get out and about. You look like a happy married couple. 8-)