Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Fist Shaking at the Veterans!

On my foggy drive this morning, I listened to NPR and sipped on a cold low-fat Starbucks frappaccino (which are delicious) and followed my usual signs towards the maze of the Veterans Expressway. Now, a glorious 7 1/2 years of this gaunt you would image that there would be some routine involved. Some sort of passivity in my driving because it is too familiar. The dangers of nodding off or putting on a glimmer of chapstick may be tempting, but on this drive I dare not. One slight glance away from the road may lead to total mass destruction of self and others.

The whirlwind of the Veterans takes the driver through an adventure of shifting through sudden turns, abnormal veering to the right and the very next day it veers to the left at the same location, the speed limit changes 45 to 60 to 50 all within a quarter of mile. Today the roller coaster called commuting on the Veterans took me to a whole new world. Look out Aladdin, because my exit onto this roadway placed me in an alternate universe. The new ailment shifts all traffic from its normal I-275 entrance to the right. Now your previous trek can be viewed. You can view others changing in your old lanes, merging on your old road and exiting on your old exit. In the meantime, I cautiously followed the new path before me. Pulling a Robert Frost, the path less taken (not because of some sort of poetic tribute but rather it's brand new) directed me to the Memorial Highway exit. An exit that forces at least two additional street lights. An exit that prevents the short cut from Independence Highway. An exit that is so unfamiliar that is shakes one to the core, and dangerously adds the temptation of a 7-11. The coffee and morning treats this could provide! Oh no! The pounds I will gain! Damn you DOT!

And so I followed my proverbial yellow brick road towards the wizard of my employment. Shaking my fist at the Veterans, wondering Why God? Why?!

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  1. As a veteran, I'm offended!!

    j/k, I did actually read the post. How you drive through that shite every day, I do not know.