Monday, March 1, 2010

Going to Church...sort of.

On Saturday night, me and my girls went to see our girls, the Indigo Girls that is. I have seen them in concert about 30 times. Every time I have seen them it is like going to a spiritual revival. We all know all of the words to all of the songs. We know their faces. We know their appreciative smiles to their faithful audience. We know that with every "Thanks ya'll" that these two individuals have managed to transform us.

The House of Blues was packed. It's a great concert venue because even though it's general admission there is no bad seat in the house. Every where you look there is some cool bit of artwork on the wall, a little folky but I like that sort of thing.

For years I heard guys tell me that they appreciate the musicianship of the Indigo Girls but they just don't relate to to them. For years I accepted this as well they are women, who are lesbians which very well may not connect with a guy's point of view. But on Saturday as I listened to their set list go from titles on a page to music I no longer believe them. Simply they aren't listening.

Opening song: Galileo A critique on the inequity of the Catholic church. The current generation pays for the mistakes made by others in other lifetimes. It takes lifetime after lifetime for humanity to socially evolve. We as individuals are in the process of evolving and searching for our personal enlightenment, we can only hope to have a few more lifetimes to make it. Shame on You addresses the problem of immigration. Become You talks about the South and Slavery. Least Complicated talks about the adolescent struggle of love and becoming who you regardless of sexual orientation.

Through the years, I have seen them fight for Native Americans, against unethical treatment of animals, and for EVERYONE's equal rights. Recently, their most recent support is for batter women in conjunction with the Fight the Fear Campaign. They give back to their local communities through benefit concerts. They aren't saints but they are certainly individuals with a sense of global and local responsibility.

The Indigo Girls fill my soul with hope. They fill my heart with joy. Every time. Listen.


  1. I CANNOT believe you were there & didn't tell me... like I wasn't going to go?!? Gretchen Swartzlander of all people ended up behind me. I almost ran over her when I turned around to get a drink! I hate that I missed you!

  2. So, do you normally get into fights at church? Seriously, what kind of guy yells at a bunch of women at an INDIGO GIRLS concert?


  3. It certainly not the norm at an Indigo Girls concert to deal with an asshole guy. But I think we managed. Kim is very tall. :)

  4. Very cool post. I listened to some of their songs today and liked them--Shame on You is really nice.