Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Orange You Glad?

I love orange juice! I always have. When I was kid I would go through several gallons a week. I love everything about it and it turns out it provides you with essential vitamin C. Yum and Yum. As I got older I had to slow down on my orange juice intake. The delightful taste and the vitamin benefits did not outweigh the unbelievable amount of sugar that each ounce holds. Diabetes runs rampant in my family therefore the less gratuitous sugar intake the better for the eventual demise of my pancreas.

Recently my biochemistry has changed significantly and therefore, for the next glorious nine months I will gladly indulge in the greatest of the lord's juices, the sweet nectar of Florida, the orange. The only thing is now it takes a Masters degree in Citrus (which my undergraduate school still offers) to select the orange juice. There are a million flipping types of orange juice. There has always been the choice of pulp or no pulp. I prefer the pulp-less but if that was the only decision to make I would be okay. I would say no problem! But normally I find myself in the produce department starring at the orange juice refrigerator for 20 minutes thinking Vitamin D is good it's in that one...but wait that has some pulp, not lots of pulp like this one...but wait, this one has Calcium and no pulp, won't that be the best? This one is for a healthy heart....this one has antioxidants (those are important right?)....that one is the healthy kids one...definitely a good thing. Low sugar? Low acid? Ahhhhh! Tropicana has made a mountain out of an orange!

It may be easier to hop on a pick up truck, get the oranges myself and bring them back to fresh squeeze the morning treat. It would take at least the same amount of time. Sigh. I grabbed what I perceive to be the original orange juice. No frills. No pulp. Just tasty.

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