Tuesday, April 27, 2010

20 Weeks Today!

The greatest mystery of life: conception. I am sure that all of us have had that moment when you consider just for a second the miracle that is life. How it seems that out of nothing comes something so life changing. Those tiny tiny little things, egg and sperm, collide in a race for reproductive magic(insert ooohs and aaahs here.) Then of course are the other little joys, like never going to the bathroom. After my bout with the stomach flu last week, my system had completely emptied itself by Wednesday morning at 5am and it didn't kick back into gear until Saturday. We took my folks (picture below) to Bern's Steakhouse to celebrate my dad's 71st birthday and on the way I was so excited already at someone going poo poo in the potty, I announced it to the entire car!Luckily, I have a great family so everyone cheered and it was almost as exciting as when I graduated college, in some ways, even more so.

Today the baby is a cantaloupe. I am not sure it looks like a cantaloupe inside of me. I definitely have a bump which I am really thrilled about. But I am fairly sure that at some point in life I have taken a cantaloupe and stuck it under my t-shirt and looked longingly into the future and it certainly did not look like I do now, which I suppose is a blessing.

It turns out that April 29th is my sonogram appointment, I had been thinking it was April 27th. I can barely hold myself together. I can't wait to see the baby again! God willing, everything will be good news and gender revealing!

We have been in a multi-phased program (designed by us) to create the adequate amount of space for the baby. Phase 1 was dishwasher and kitchen remodel: done. Phase 2 was packing up our 15 boxes of books and placing them in a newly wooded attic: done. Phase 3 is the garage reorganization. Phase 4 is moving spare bedroom furniture into garage. Phase 5 is paving the patio (not really baby related but I think it will add a sense of whimsy to my summer!) and Phase 6 is painting the baby room, placing the furniture in it and nurserying the place up! We are currently in Phase 3.

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  1. go phase 3! can't wait to hear about the gender. 8-) afghan is coming along fine.