Thursday, June 30, 2011

Walking across the USA

We are ready to go tomorrow after a very fulfilling and lovely couple of weeks of summer school! We have been diligently packing for our road trip. First stop, Knoxville Tennessee to engage in a series of games, an Olympiad of Sorts, so we, the Gaurkees, can take the championship cup of awesomeness home proudly on our shoulders by defeating the Patels' and the Koshys' (should this be Koshi?) meager attempts at greatness. We will also be celebrating Independence Day and we have diligently selected our 4th of July outfits. Then we will make our way, with a possible strategic stop or two, towards Holland Michigan where we will visit the Hilgerts and meet Henning the newest addition to the clan. We will see the great state that looks like a hand (I had a good friend at summer camp for years that would show me his hand as the map of Michigan) and see the great lakes up close in Traverse City and then to Canada! Oh Canada, so many reasons why I like thee. I can't wait to see an tiny bitty slice of it. This is at least the first half of the plan. We will see where the road takes us.
me desperately trying to get her on video but failing so i took this photo

In the meantime, we have been packing. It turns out that packing for a 9 months old is a much harder than packing for an infant. More things to think about and consider. Last night as I was making my 89th mental list of things that needed to be grabbed, when my daughter stood up in the middle of the living room which she does often and took two glorious steps forward!

I was happy to have been there for that moment. Now to wait we to see if she does it again and if I can keep up!

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