Sunday, November 20, 2011

Day 2 San Francisco: Dinner

First of all Eliot and I are foodies. Second we really like Top Chef. Third the moment we decided to come to San Francisco we made reservations at Fleur de Lys Huber Keller's restaurant.

We began the meal with champagne and amuse-bouche of gazpacho and quinoa with chorizo.

As an appetizer I selected an Avocado salad and El a fois gras.

Next a seared scallop with fresh bacon. The fish course was so good we ate it before remembering to take the picture.

The meat course for me was a trio of lamb and for El the venison.

The cheese plate offered a well selected variety including a delicious goat cheese but a surprisingly addictive sharp cheddar.

Finally dessert with a chocolate soufflé and els a cheesecake, truffle and cupcake.

This last dish was compliments from the chef a last bit of goodies. My favorite was a mini lemon pie.

The food was wonderful. The best is eating and sharing with each the experience of trying completely new flavors. However fine dining with a toddler may not be the best idea but the staff was wonderful. The server happily brought Lydia milk. The bread boy was sure to give her her own plate. But Marcus, the wine guy, took her for a tour of the kitchen, filled up her milk and showed her pictures of his own girls. He was amazing.

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