Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Sisters Theater Presents....

Over the holiday Lydia received from one of her aunties a set of cardboard finger puppets. She has really loved playing with them. On Friday when I got home from work she immediately started parading her finger people all over me, when I remembered that I had once mentioned a goal of making a puppet theater for them. I went to the garage and was mulling over how to create it with the boxes that we had available when I noticed that we still had a science board tucked away behind the frig.

It would be valid to wonder who keeps science boards around the house? Well, not us. We had it because we used to, before having kids, really liked making puzzles. We would use the science board on top of the table and then close it up and move it if we needed to use the table for something else. So it's really a puzzle moving board, which I am not certain makes more rational sense. Regardless, I had one.

The one we had had giant writing on the back of it which meant that the flaps didn't flap in the right way, so I bent them right off and reattached them with duct tape. Now being able to have the blank side facing out. I took a box cutter and cut a square in the center panel for the stage.
For about an hour the girls decorated the outside. I pulled all the stickers, pictures, glitter glue out along with markers crayons and I happen to have form flowers that were glittery left over from an Easter craft. They loved it.
Once their decorations were complete, I had them select from a box of fabric squares that I have. For a while I was hoarding fabric squares because I thought they were pretty and was determined that any day now I would be making quilts. Now that that delusion has subsided, I just have a shoe box full and use them for silly moments such as these. I simply took duct tape and stuck it on the inside creating a curtain.
We named it Sisters Theater and the show begun! Lydia really loved it. She performed several shows and we dug out other puppets that we had around. Mostly little finger puppets and a few that are supposed to be wash cloths but we always used them as hand puppets.
Vivian on the other hand, is still trying to come to grips with the mysteries of the theater. We have all been there, comfortably in our seats watching the show thinking, "How did they do that!!??" However, most of us sit and allow the show to transform us; to take us to another world, Vivi just goes to look.
The next plan is make puppets. By we haven't quite had the time yet.

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