Thursday, February 26, 2009

15 Days until the Ortega/Gaurkee Wedding

The wedding is almost here. Everyone always says it sneaks up on you and they weren't kidding. With the day in sight, February fleeting by, there are a ton of details to still work out: seating charts, name plates, last payments, and I still haven't decided on wedding jewelry. As much as the wedding will be a grand day to remember I am thankful already for it being just one day. In many other traditions weddings can be an entire week event and I am not sure that even with my mad spidy planning skills I would be able to remain sane.

I must say after watching several different shows on weddings: Bridezilla, Rich Bride Poor Bride, Elegant Weddings, and Master Weddings. I have had a handful of moments of stress but have managed to stay relatively level headed. I remind myself that the parts of the wedding are truly momentary in comparison to the everlasting union of marriage. If parts of the party are missing, our ceremony and commitment will still be. To me that is comforting. I remain infinitely more excited about the marriage than about the wedding.

That all being said, it's crunch time and with a hefty to-do list I must cease this blog entry and get back on track.

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  1. Hey -- thanks for your loving comments....and I know all about the wedding planning -- i'm in it of luck, amiga!