Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Count Down has begun!

24 days until the Wedding! Everything is steady. Thanks to a history of party planning and coordinating major events I have maintain a fairly level-headed perspective on things. Now it's crunch time.

In moments of stress I have always had a natural ability to be calm. Resilient. Sturdy. Though I do not believe I was a horse galloping through fields in my last life, it has always been my way. And when times have been tough or overwhelming...I sleep. Escapism I believe is what the professionals call it. I hide. I am not a fighter; I am a flier. Take flight into dreamland the moment the opportunity appears. This weekend I managed to sleep 28 hours in two days, not consecutively. I squeezed it in on Saturday and Sunday for most of the daylight hours. Mind you that I needed the rest as I fought off the last inklings of a cold and an exhausting school week, but that is clearly more than the surgeon general would recommend.

Sunday night I recognized my sleep as my personal coping system in times of stress and realized that the pre-wedding bride stress had finally set in, at least unconsciously. After obsessing over seating arrangements and to-do lists, I went to bed and sprung up on Monday. I managed to check off a fairly extensive list of accomplishments in a very short amount of time. I also began organizing items in boxes labeled: rehearsal dinner, wedding, and reception.

I am feeling pretty good about things again, until there is 23 days until the wedding, of course.

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  1. You're almost there! Sounds like the rest was much needed- physically and mentally. Good luck on these last couple of weeks.