Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Honeymoon: Mexico Day 1

Eliot and I arrived to Mexico yesterday morning. You could practically smell the salsa in the air the moment you entered the airport in Cancun. After a short hour and half stint in the immigration line, we hustled through customs and well then we got hustled. Not really hustled. They line the entrance area with official looking people that are supposedly representing the chamber of tourism in Mexico when in fact what they would like to do is convince you to visit their new resort/condos and listen to the totally free pitch. We did get a map out of the whole thing and the current exchange rate which is really unbelievable.

Now knowing the system we made a beeline through the rest of the not so helpful official not official people and made it outside to find our driver with our name posted on a clipboard. We were welcomed and quickly loaded up to head to Playa del Carmen. As if we were royalty our driver brought us directly to the front door and brought in our bags at the Hotel Tortuga. The hotel is like paradise. They brought us fruity drinks as we checked in and the bellhop escorted us to our room.

Once you enter there is a lagoon at the very center surrounded by beautiful palm trees, lush beds, the bar and restaurant. The lagoon turned out to be a lazy rier that will take allow you to float over and supposedly even leads to the spa, which we haven't ventured to yet. The room is gorgeous, private and perfect.

We dropped off our things and took to the streets, because well that is how we roll. Our first lunch was at the imfamous Dr. Taco which was fantastic. We then strolled the commerical street and bought honeymoon rings since we decided to leave our real ones at home this trip. It was a lovely first day!

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