Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mexico Day 2 & 3

There isn't too much to report. We have been lazy honeymooners, a lot of sleeping, strolling, and eating. Playa Del Carmen is beautiful and quaint. We are working ourselves up to enjoying the spa in our hotel.

One thing about people watching just to keep you all on your toes. We lay in these bed like pool side loungers. Remember the pool is like a lagoon and surrounded by trees to really ingrain the image. Leaves are falling into the pool all day long. From first thing in the morning until the darkness of the night, the team of hotel workers clean the leaves every 15 minutes. They take the time to get out the pool vacuum, the nets and brooms. Clean. Put everything away. In seconds a lovely breeze hits bring down all the leaves once again. Like clockwork, the team appears again. Get out the gear. Clean. Put everything away. Perhaps it's their hard work that keeps us so unwilling to move.

Food. The food is good. Everything is served with hot sauce which to me a wonderful; to Eliot not so much. Our morning breakfast has been superb here at the hotel but we venture out to the local restaurants for other foodie delights. There hasn't been a bad bite.

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