Friday, August 12, 2011

Summer End Staycation

Despite the rain we had a wonderfully relaxing time at the beach this week which is exactly what we all needed before getting back in the swing of things. Both Eliot and Lydia had some sniffles thus naps and snacks were a big part of things. We did manage several wonderful walk on the beach and I was thankful for the overcast instead of the hot bright life sucking sun. My dad and I watched several movies.

We played Monopoly (I conquered them all taking them down each one by one) and took Lydia to the playground which she loved.

This morning was our last (for awhile) Friday morning cuddle time. Lydia usually wakes up and I grab her and bring her into bed with me. We watch all sorts of cartoons, drink our morning milk, jump on the bed. Basically take our sweet time waking up and every second of it is lovely.  This morning we met Holland and Tracy at the Great Explorations where they successfully explored great things and lunched. We have busy weekend ahead of us celebrating birthdays and going to church come Monday I will be at work. It has been an amazing summer!

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