Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Just when you thought it was over...

Just when you thought pooptastic moments were over something amazingly surprising happens. This evening Lydia and I were getting ready for our last summer hurrah a beach stayacation with the grandfolk. I was cutting up fruit snacks while she was eating dinner. Later we were folding clothes and putting them in the laundry basket. A seemingly normal evening at the G family home. There was no indication on what was coming.

In hopes getting a little art into her life I decided to I put her in high chair and let her "finger paint." I added just one drop of food coloring to spoonfuls of her Yo Baby banana yogurt. She had a ball! I took her right into the bath when the little artist genius was done. We watched the water and bubbles fill the tub its normal 2 inches or so and then I put her in. We dumped her army of duck toys and other bath time fun in and I sat down next to the tub. For a split second I look at my phone to send pictures of my little artist when suddenly I look in the water and it's murky. It dawns on me what that is and I immediately pull her out thinking only of being a lifeguard and how you just close down the pool if what happened happens.

But Lydia was quite finished so we had a situation. I conceal the area, as best as possible and take her to her changing table where I discover that now she has finished. I think carry her to the kitchen and quickly with one hand as most mommy things are actually completed clean the kitchen sink and put her in to finish her bath. Lydia gets happily clean.

Eliot was at work you see so this pooptastic moment was all me. Our tub has a drain problem really from being an old house, it can't be helped too much thus the clean up involved plastic gloves, bleach, pluggers, Mr. Bubbles, old sponges, mops, etc. It was a lengthy process all the rinsing. My hands feel raw from the bleach but somehow I don't really mind. Off to the beach in the clean shiny morning!

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