Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lessons from the Road

Sometimes you just have to relax about things when traveling with a baby. For example, I packed enough organic food to feed a small village and I used baby 3 packets of it. Lydia likes to feed her self so she got to try things like macaroni and cheese, hot dogs, spaghetti and even strawberries! I was waiting for strawberries because it supposedly a high allergy food but then I did a quick read on the internet and it turns out it is just something to worry about when there is a history of food allergies. She ate from fancy restaurants and truck stops. She was okay. So we were okay.

Not every hotel has a comfy rocker to snuggle up with your little one, read a couple of books and give her her night time milk.When you have a baby that wants to stay up to play all night and that put her in the car trick doesn't seem right since you are on a road trip, well you put her in her pack and play. You let her play it out. There were a couple nights that she out played us. There were a couple of nights she fussed a bit. Overall she slept well every night 10-12 hours not matter where we were. Thus she was okay. So we were okay.

A few more life lessons...

1. The HOV lane does not require people to drive fast.
2. Sometimes when your lost you find exactly what you are looking for.
3. A real friend is a friend no matter how many years or how much distance keeps you apart.
4. I structure all of my days around food which can be bad but also very good.
5. Some stranger pushes my kid regardless if they are 30 years old or 3, I will want to eat their face.
6. I pack way more than I need. 
7. I don't use cruise control because it makes me feel out of control.
8. As long as the baby is happy, so are we.
9. The Fast and Furious is a movie and it also describes my driving.
10. I like waking up in the morning not knowing exactly what the day has in store and that Eliot (Lydia too) are at my side the entire time.

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