Thursday, July 14, 2011

Road Trip Day 11

On our next day in Toronto we woke up early and went to breakfast at Cora’s. Cora’s was amazing! Not only were they super kid friendly but even the décor was cheery. The napkins had little sunshines on them (which I couldn’t help but take a huge stack of because they were so cute) and the food was beautiful. Tons of fresh fruit and eggs benedict made with brie and mushrooms. It was a great way to start the day. We jumped in a cab where I held Lydia tight and seat belted us in. All morning at the St. Lawrence Market, Old Town and visited every old church in the area including St. James Cathedral. We took a leisure pace and stopped at several offbeat stops including a tiny garden that Lydia enjoyed.

Feeling as if we had spent just enough time in Toronto we headed to Niagara Falls; only a 45 minute drive. Horton hears a who? Tim Hortons that is. Tim Hortons is a coffee place like Starbucks that is everywhere in Canada. It is attached to Wendy’s, gas stations, malls, free standing, and honestly, just not as tasty. Every exit has a Tim Hortons which when you are looking for something more substantial simple gets increasingly more irritating. Fear not, we arrived to Niagara Falls and moved right into our room which relieved every ounce of stress. We enjoy the view of the Falls and let Lydia play.

We headed down to the Falls and took about a zillion photos and had dinner on the balcony of the outdoor restaurant there to enjoy it even more. We took a stroll back to the hotel at night fall and watched the beginning of the illumination show. Since Lydia was asleep in her stroller we took advantage and had dessert at the hotel restaurant that provided yet another view and finished the show from our room Jacuzzi. It was amazing!

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