Thursday, July 14, 2011

Road Trip Day 13

Pennsylvania is a big state and has so much to offer. So we wanted to get done a million things in a very small about of time. First time in Harrisburg lead us to the National Civil War Museum followed by lunch at the Hershey Story with a sundae dessert so big and chocolatey that I couldn't finish. A dash tot the outlet mall before a ventured through Amish Country. We stopped at a couple of markets, quilt stores and antique shops. We saw beautiful farm land.

We stopped for dinner at The Dutch Family Restaurant in Gap, PA. Hungry and excited, I quickly saw Chicken Pot Pie on the menu. Note: I am Cuban. I didn't know that people didn't eat rice at every meal until I was 13. Therefore, Potpie Dutch? Sure why not. The server told me that their potpie didn't have crust and it wasn't creaming. Okay why not. Not to long a bowl appeared in front of me with egg noodles and an entire chicken breast on the bone. I am not sure but it looked like chicken noodle soup. I had a bite. It tasted like chicken noodle soup and it was cold.  I sent it back which I rarely do, and ordered spaghetti with meatballs. That's not Dutch either is it?

Late evening in Baltimore.

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