Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Road Trip Day 3

I have never been a huge fan of the 4th of July. When I was young my dad always had this week for vacation which meant that we were either some random or with family in Miami. There was never a set tradition in place. Once I got older I was a camp counselor for years and then always seemed to be traveling. The years that I was home there are less than fond memories of trying to either fight traffic or drunk people with fireworks or both. Yesterday was such a great day. We woke up and hung a bit before we all headed to Market Place in Knoxville to have brunch. We walked around and took pictures. The kids napped and then we went to Heena's folks house. Where we hung out and ate and ate and ate some more. Their house is on the top of a hill in Lake City, Tennesse which has the perfect view for the fireworks. Some of us sat right in front of the house and others of us sat inside on the couch to watch through the picture window. It was divine.

Lydia has been such a great baby. She has slept in the car. She has charmed Cracker Barrel waitresses. She has managed to play alone in her carseat. She has also watched a little Mickey's Clubhouse. She has a top tooth breaking skin today and sadly we left her teething things in Tennessee. But considering she has sharp white things piercing through her gums she has don't great. For us the drive has been, can't tell a lie...a little boring. There is apparently not that much in Kentucky. Admittedly it's better than watching the latest coverage over the appalling court case verdict.

Today we are in Indiana! None of have been here before and it was good middle location before our next visit to Holland Michigan. This evening we are completely going to relax. Tomorrow are plans are to head to the Children's Museum and downtown to explore!

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