Monday, July 11, 2011

Road Trip Day 8

The day began with a trip to the Holland Farmer's Market conveniently located at the far end of the main street downtown which was filled with over 25 vendors. Everything was fresh and local. In center aisle were various street performers ready to entertain including college groups, a young violinist and a puppeteer. We picked up homemade pizza crust for dinner which was delicious. Afterwards we ran some some errands and vegged out together. The babies played and played and played.

There was a park right across the street so we took the kids there for a bit before having Captain Sundae. Their signature sundaes are so yummy that even our former president big "W" visited there. The evening ended early for the tired babes but the grown ups played "what's yours like" and "boogle" and we for spanked in both. Retribution for Knoxville. Then my bestie and I stayed up way too late solving all of life's and the world's problems. (Let me know if anyone needs to peek and the answers.)

We had such a wonderful time with our amazing friends in a truly special town. Even Eliot liked it so much that he said he'd deal with the snow to live there.

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