Monday, July 11, 2011

Road Trip Day 9

Oh Canada! This morning we woke up and went to church at Kevin's new parish, St. Francis of Sales. The church itself was beautiful and it was filled with people. As you look across the room you see people of all different shades of skin. The priest serving was an young man that had grown up there but had just completely seminary. After the service where both babies did very well, we grabbed some tacos to go from the lunch being served in the fellowship hall. We packed up our things and headed out. The drive through Michigan was great and we arrived to Canada.

Getting into Canada was a long process. First we had to pay a toll in a pretty long line and then we had to go through customs which was another long line. Once we were through we stopped and got information in Ontario and visited a shoreline park to stretch out legs and to see Lake Huron. I stuck my toes in it and it was cold (shocker but I think it was less cold than Lake Michigan) and we headed diligently to Toronto. The city is beautiful however we did arrive here a bit late with a sleeping baby, therefore we opted for a night in with room service and Canada's HGTV.

Lydia did wake up in the new room which made it easier to change her diaper, but on pajamas and give her a bit more of milk. We put her in the pack and play where she bounced and played for almost 2 hours. We both fell asleep before she did.

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