Thursday, July 7, 2011

Road Trip Day 5

We have DONE Indianapolis. Yesterday we headed downtown and began the day with a Farmer's Market. We purchased some delicious peaches that served as a good snack at various times of the day. However this did not stop of from making a pit stop at The Chocalate Cafe. After another quick stop at H&M, we headed to White River State Park and rented a surrey.  We biked all over the park. Admittedly I was a little nervous about my baby being strapped in front of a moving vehicle without any other proper safety devices but she loved it. The last downtown stop was at a local sandwich shop which provided a perfect place for Lydia to nap while we ate.

The Children's Museum was our afternoon session of fun. And it was amazing! 5 floors of massive crazy fun more like an indoor playground on crack. We arrived and made a beeline for the Playscape on the third floor since it was designed for children under five. Lydia had a ball crawling, climbing, touching, standing, cruising, walking, exploring...the thing is that while the museum was fantastic for her it made me more and more aggressive. The mama bird growing inside of me wanted to peck some other children's eyes out. Like the kid that slammed Lydia's fingers in the place kitchen cabinet door or the other kid that kept grabbing her under the hollow play tree. Don't get me started on the kid that tore into the Dora the Explorer, Isa's Garden, and started smacking things violently. It was news to me that as soon as some kids see a tiny kid on something that immediately gave them the right to rush her. Even Eliot who is normally much more sensible and rational than I was ready to slap someone by the end of our 3 hours there. The museum itself was spectacular, a definite must see in Indianapolis. It would be fun to bring Lydia back when she is old enough to defend herself (Eliot's words.)

Our last stop of the day was a The Cheese Shop and Gigi's Cupcake across the street from our hotel. We tasted several cheeses from around the world and picked up some treats for the relaxing evening in our room. Lydia played we snacked. It was lovely.

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