Sunday, July 17, 2011

Road Trip Day 15

As anticipated we woke up late morning, past the extended continental breakfast, and slowly packed out things for the second to last time before venturing through the last of the southern states. Our first stop was the Triangle Waffle. When we entered there was a young tall guy standing by the interior doors with the thickest southern draw I have ever heard, it took my head a second to decode what he was saying. It was tiny, filled with people, cheap and tasty.  A perfect combination, they even tried to figure out what the diner food focus could do to feed my baby. With filled tummies we headed to Savannah.

But not without a perfect cheese-ball stop at South of the Border. If you haven' t been there it's worth it to chuckle at the pure absurdity and brilliance of the place. If you have been there, you know what I mean. We took the requisite pictures, played in the World of Hats and I got a milk shake.

I have been to Savannah twice I think. Once with my college roommate and another time in high school with my parents. Neither time did I apparently really see Savannah. It is simply lovely. At an extra slow pace we walked through the downtown successfully without joining a walking tour which for the record I really dislike. We made it to the river area and put in our name for dinner at Huey On the River. We saw local artists work in a local gallery and enjoyed street performers. After an amazing meal where both Eliot and I have decided that after 35 years of disliking grits we are now super fans. The meal was so good that we just sat there while Lydia tore up the table. Normally we stop this sort of thing but it was 10pm with our party girl baby and we were stuffed, so we watched and took pictures. We took dessert to-go and are now lazily watching TV in the hotel room which we haven't done in two and half weeks.

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