Saturday, July 16, 2011

Road Trip Day 14

The modest Amish and the odd Dutch food somehow lead us to Bittersweet Baltimore. The row houses were amazing but the poverty was overwhelming. When we arrived to the hotel Eliot typically grabs a giant stack of brochures and provides suggests for what would be the best things for us to see. It turns out Port Discovery which is another children’s museum is the fourth best in the nation, so having already gone to the first best, we thought we should check it out. There was also a nearby Holocaust Memorial, John Hopkins, the Inner Harbor and bookstore, Washington Memorial at Mount Vernon and the Baltimore Museum of Art….and of course Charm City Cakes. We hit them all! We had a fantastic day. We drove through beautiful areas of the city and through strips where the houses were disintegrating from the inside out. It seemed like this was one of those cities where the rich are very rich and the poor and sadly very poor. 

Lydia loved the museum though I would say Port Discovery didn’t compare to The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. They did have a Tot Trail area and we arrived just in time for music time with other musical toddlers. Lydia was a dancing queen and then enjoyed playing with blocks.

After a great day, we headed south. Our plan was to drive about 5 hours and arrive in Raleigh. Today we would have woken up gone to a couple of parks, grassy areas done a small hike, perhaps a picnic lunch and left for Savannah, but something happened. Friday + DC + 400,000 commuters= traffic. But not just normal traffic, this was ginormous, out of your mind; you can’t believe you haven’t moved an inch traffic without a cause like an accident, plan crash, construction or aliens landing strip. Snails passed us. After being in the car for 4 hours and only having traveled to right outside of Fredricksburg we had dinner at 9pm, thinking that by the time dinner was over traffic would have really disappeared. Wrong. We decided that we were going to need to sleep in the next morning so we needed to get a little farther, so Dunn, North Carolina had a fluffy pillow for us to lay our heads’ on.

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