Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Road Trip Day 4

Cracker Barrel Rocker
The day that I have been fearing since the moment that I got pregnant has arrived. I have done my very best to protect us all but sometimes a mother can do everything right and still it happens. The worst has happened: Lydia is watching Barnie. I know! I can't believe it either! We may catch a break because she is in an babyproofless hotel room; she can eat wires while sticking her hand in the air conditioning unit instead of watching the purple dinosaur from Hades. Here's hoping.

Ironically, last night we decided to go to dinner at Maggiano's because we had a gift card so it was easy. Normally we would make a considerable effort to choose a local eatery but decided there was time for that. After dinner I had grand plans of getting a little work done but instead we ran to Babies R Us to pick up some teething things because we left our in Knoxville. We took a look at a couple of umbrella strollers because we are in the market for one and I have done a little research. We discussed trying other snacks that weren't organic. We had to laugh because we had just had a completely average evening as if we weren't traveling at all.

Lydia once again astounding us with her ease to got to bed in yet another different location. She was pooped from all her exploring, climbing and playing. Today we head out for an adventure!

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