Friday, August 26, 2011


Today's meal was sponsored by the color: Orange. Here we have Chicken and Rice, Carrots, Apricots and a little leftover apple cinnamon oatmeal from breakfast.
 There have certainly been a lot of transitional food moments in the last year. Breastfeeding to formula for 7 months, solids at 4 months, a little water at 5 months, pick up foods at 6 months. She rejected the texture of meat for awhile but liked a Vienna sausages type food wonderfully called  meat sticks. Now she doesn't like meat sticks. The other day Eliot found organic chicken nuggets and she really liked those. But not once they got cold.

It seems like she really dislikes reheated food which can be difficult in a air conditioned Florida home and a culture driven my microwaves. The foods that keep her going are piles of fruit. She loves all kinds but lately she likes biting off of my apples, peaches, etc.
The bigger the better. An American girl at her very core I suppose because yesterday I cut up a steamed carrot for her but she didn't even touch it. But when I gave her a whole steamed carrot she grabbed it with zest and ate the whole thing. Matter of fact, she ate 4 whole baby carrots.

She has mastered drinking from a straw but she doesn't want all that water. So she sucks it all up and then lets it pour out her mouth slowly drenching her entire shirt.
In 20 days she will transition to whole milk and her doctor recommended that on her birthday we just give Lydia a cup of milk and hope for the best. She explained that they only need about 12 ounces a day but that it was the best way to get the bottle out of the picture too. I think it's a little too much all at ounce, don't you think?

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