Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Birthday Party Preparations

Lydia will be 1 in just 10 days. I can't believe how fast the time has gone. As I pondered what would be the most appropriate theme for her birthday it didn't take long to decide. My parents have gotten her a balloon every month on the 16th to celebrate her month. I have gathered most of the photographs (except sadly two of them). I did add a little twist by making many decorations in the image of a hot air balloon. Ever since I met Eliot I have been a little obsessed with hot air balloons. I love the colorful picture it brings to mind, for someone that is terrified of heights, I love the idea of something as fragile as a balloon gently gliding a person through the skies. Poetic.

October 1 Month

December 3 Months

February 5 Months

March 6 Months

April 7 months

May 8 months

June 9 months

July 10 Months
In my complete crafty nuttiness, I have made a pennant banner, garland, a pinata, paper hanging hot air balloons with #1 painted on, hot air balloon centerpieces filled with bubbles, sidewalk chalk and celebration horns. The grandma's are also hard at work with some food preparations (chicken salad and designer cakes should be expected). The favors are done with personalized labels from Lydia. It sounds like a lot but I think I was born to be a party planner. And I have cultivated some close friendships with the people at Michael's.

For Cubans first birthdays are giant parties and though ever baby website and book I own says to keep things small and low key. The blood racing in my veins screams Hooray, Let's Celebrate! My family usually roasts an entire pork, eats for hours, drinks for longer and dances until dawn. The next morning there would be a small group of tired women cleaning up and my dad and uncle figuring out what we were going to all have for dinner that night. Big puffy dresses, big cakes and a lot of people you love. Somehow I don't have one memory of any of my younger cousins crying because the noise, because they missed a nap, because their hands were dirty. It was in their blood too, I guess. We won't be having a whole pork or the dancing until dawn. Our friends fill our hearts as always as if family since most relatives live out of town but one thing is for sure, it will be a great time to celebrate!

I am counting down the days baby girl! Happy Birthday Lydia!

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