Monday, September 19, 2011

Crafty Mom

I love to be crafty and to party plan. Lydia's first birthday was a great opportunity to do both. Below are some images of my decorating. We had the party in our neighbor park pavilion which was great for many reasons. 
 I suppose some of my inspiration came from etsy seeing the personalized banners and thinking: I can do that! So I did! I used vintage scrapbook paper that I have been storing up and not using to put this banner together.
 Here is the photo display of her first year which included holiday cards and pictures of her with balloons each month.
 Below we set up a table with photo albums so folks could take a look at our many family adventures and how much she changed over the year! Some of the albums where the baby shower, her arrival at the hospital, her official baby book and scrapbook. It looks like a lot, but it was a collection of everyone's photos.
 I made 3 dimensional hot air balloons with painted #1 to hang from the perimeter of the building.
 The table centerpieces where cute and useful. I used paper lanterns and inexpensive baskets for the bottom. I attached wooden skewers to make it look like the hot air balloons. Inside of them there were bubbles, sidewalk chalk and birthday horns.
 Lydia's Grandma made her an amazing cake! The basket of the balloon was Lydia's smash cake.
My folks made their famous chicken salad and with the help of some friends, we put together the rainbow fruit tray! I thought was an easy cute thing to do.

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