Friday, September 23, 2011

A Whole New Tooth, Sticks and a NEW decree!

Since Lydia has so many teeth we have added the habit a few weeks back of brushing her teeth. She thinks it's hilarious. The video is of her first time brushing. As for now she thinks it's a treat because the under two toothpaste has a little apple flavor to it. As much as she is drooling and struggling with teething I am surprised she doesn't have all her teeth, but all things come with time.

Once a week we meet Stephanie and Addi at the park to walk. Lydia's new favorite thing is that we get there a little early and she walk all over. This time she grabbed some sticks. Glad we don't have a dog, because I am pretty sure she would eat the pour pooches face off if he tried to take her stick.

For months I have been thinking about how to transition Lydia off the bottle more gently than her doctor had originally recommended and then yesterday it dawned on me: Why do I need to do this? i am lucky that my folks are caring for her so there is no milestone that needs to be met by for a care provider. She certainly will not go to kindergarten drinking from a bottle, so why not see if we can just go with the flow. She likes sippy cups and straw cups. She is still a little surprised when they have milk in them, but hey she likes cows milk and it agrees with her, which I hear is a battle all in itself. I did follow the advise of a friend and started to mix the formula with milk a few weeks ago and now she is just milk and so far so good. What's the harm is seeing what happens with the bottle? If she's 15 and still needs one to got to bed I am sure that I can seek help. Right?

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