Monday, May 7, 2012

Head Aches

Certainly, I am among one of the lucky ones. Pregnancy is quite lovely for me. I am attempted to write easy but I am sure that will jinx the final months to come. I had what I would consider waves of nausea during my first trimester and I have managed to maintain my weight once again, at this point only having gain a total of 11 pounds. It's warm outside and it does feel hotter than last time, however, it actually is hotter than last time, so not too unusual. Sleep is touch and go but that is also normal at this point. I do better with naps than evening sleep but since I am still at school I try my darnest to at least close my eyes and rest.

My one complaint. Gripe. Issue. Headaches. I mean really Head Aches.

I have had so many headaches this pregnancy. Some must be to hormone shifts, the others to dehydration since 90% of headaches are caused by dehydration, but some I am not sure where they are coming from. I have had a small hand full of migraines in my life and now I can say that most of these have been during this pregnancy.

Last night was we went to bed comfortably. I had a small dull headache since earlier in the day but assumed it was because I had such a great brunch with friends that I didn't eat again until after 6. I was starved by that point and ate fairly quickly assuming that once the nourishment hit my bloodstream that the pressure would subside. It didn't really. So I ignored it. I flipped like a fish on the cold side of a bridge from side to side. I took off my sheets so I wouldn't be so warm. I could even really stand a pillow because the angle of my head on it made thing worse. I drank water. Went to the bathroom. Had a protein bar. Flip some more. Finally at 5 something AM I took some tylenol. Many of you may wonder why that wasn't my first reaction, and the reason is that pregnant people can't take anything othe than tylenol or benadryl, so it's sort of the last possible option.

Eliot's alarm clock went off; it felt as a missle had been shot through my temple. I contemplating calling into work but it seemed like more work than getting myself together and going. Luckily the tylenol did begin to work some and the brightness of the morning didn't send me into a deeper discomfort.

Why am I having so many headaches? Is it due to allergies, some sort of sinus build up? Is it because I have not been wearing my glasses because the prescription is fairly low and my glass are both falling apart, so my stigmatism is suffering more than normal because of pregnancy? Do I have a tumor? (At this moment I hear the voice of my friend Eddie sounding like Arnold Schwarzenegger, "it's not a tumor.") Whatever it is. It's annoying. I am now going through the day barely conscious from my lack of a full night's sleep, fearful of the pain returning.

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