Friday, May 18, 2012

Summer Days..Tell Me More Tell Me More

It's May! Well almost June right? The end of the school year is here and summer officially will begin. It's hard to believe. And sooner than we can possibly imagine our little family of three will be a family of four. Last year at this time, I was all scheduled up with various summer adventures for Lydia and I, in addition to a family trip and summer school. This summer is not all that different. Though I am not teaching this summer because of obvious reasons and we've decided not to take any big trips, for obvious reasons.
Last Summer at Lake Eerie
In June, Lydia will be participating in the Berkeley Summer Camps once again. This year it is Kinderarts which is actually music and art every day for a week. We also have our annual passes to the Glazer Children's Museum and Busch Gardens which I would like to use to the fullest. In lue of a big trip we have decided that there are many day trips we have been talking about taking but never seem to do because we are so busy thus our summer bucket list is pretty lengthly.

Last Summer at Niagara Falls

Our list is pretty good and we figure that we can pick one each week when Eliot is off and take an adventure. Here is what we are thinking: Tarpon Springs Sponge Docks and Greek Orthodox Church last time I went there I took a bus full of old ladies from a church I was working at almost 13 years ago. I remember spending the day with a retired art teacher that retold her adventures painting through Europe before the astronomical costs of flights and trains. Florida Southern College, my alma mater, to tour Frank Lloyd Wright's "Child in the Sun" even though I went to school there I have never taken the offical tour and haven't set foot on campus since I graduated 14 years ago. Eliot loves Frank Lloyd Wright so seems like a perfect choice. Our very own Dali Museum in the impressive new building which we have planned on going to for almost 2 years. The Sarasota's Amish community because who doesn't love the Amish and their wooden crafts. Bok Towers which is a national historic landmark that I have never even been to and it's supposedly beautiful. We have also heard that MOSI has created a toddler specific section which we may have to check out as well.

So along with beach days, friend days, rainy days, library storytime we will be filled to the brim with activities. This is of course if I can roll my self out of bed and dare to enter the summer heat as the weeks of this third trimester fly by.

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