Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Diabetes Got Me!

Much to my many attempts to avoid Gestational Diabetes my genetics have caught up with me. Finally. Sigh. It was a little surprising that after passing all the diabetic testing early on in my pregnancy that I was required to once again to the testing because now it was the traditional time to have the tests conducted. So this time, failing the pesky one hour test again, I was sentenced another 3 hour test session. My third three hour test in 2 pregnancies, so I didn't force Eliot to come with me, I went alone and read my book (Fifty Shades of Grey Book 2 at the time, which is a whole other blog entry.)
Admittedly, it was rather nice to be in a quiet room in a comfy recliner for 3 hours with no interruptions just reading, alone. It is rare to get time alone these days, so a novelty it was. But the test results were not great or novel at all. Out of the 4 blood draws, 3 of them were high. What really saddens me is that I am automatically transferred from my midwives to the ob/gyn. I saw the Business of Being Born, so obgyns are also known as c-section scheduling pimps. It makes me nervous. I fully understanding the following: sometimes c-sections are necessary and that the ultimate goal is a healthy baby and mom. However, I still don't want one.

As my midwife and I discussed things, saying our goodbyes, she assured me that a cesarean was not an absolute conclusion. I have still only gained 17 total pounds in this pregnancy. The belly is measuring right on target and at the moment, my sugar isn't so far gone so I won't need medication or insulin, it can be managed with diet alone. I just need to get in balance.

I met with the Diabetes nurse in the office, which was lovely. She was very helpful and gave me good information. She has referred me to a program called Alere which will come to my home to provide care and will serve as a person dietitian. Meaning if I go to Applebees at 1am I can call them and they will tell me what to eat which is pretty cool and insurance will cover it completely. Until they call to make the consultation appointment, my nurse gave me a testing machine to check my sugar level on specific days and times as well as a diet plan.

This all happened Friday, today is Sunday. I only had to check my sugar yesterday in the morning and then a couple of hours after breakfast, both numbers were perfectly in line. In a couple of weeks, I have an appointment with one of the the obgyns in the practice. I am happy that one of my besties recommended her because their kids go to school together and that her sister had this same doctor deliver both of her little ones vaginally. I am prepared to make the plea for a vaginal birth and assure her that I can do this. My hope is that she is as willing to appease my fears as my midwife was. Who by the way is so awesome, she told me to have her paged no matter what when I go into labor.

There is an element of guilt, as if I have been secretly sitting in a corner eating ice cream for the last 30 weeks. The feeling that you have already failed this child somehow. I have to tell myself that even though I have done everything to the best of my ability until now, sometimes genetics gets the best of you and that thank God this is something that can be managed. It is a hard not to take it out on yourself. I just have to remember that eight weeks of eating very well is only going to be good for both G2 and me! It is really that simple.

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