Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer Camp! Kinderarts

Last summer I took Lydia to her first Berkeley Summer Camp which was Kindermusik. It was a class for infants to 17 month olds. This year the camp was Kinderarts which included music and art! The first 30 minutes were Kindermusik. Music is very interactive with instruments and dancing. The curriculum gives you the CD and read a long book at the beginning of the week so you can play it for your little one. Lydia now from the backseat will sing, clap and identity sounds she learned in class. Then there is a short snack and potty break and 30 minutes of art.

Every day was a different art project. First day finger painting.

Second day they drew chalk outlines of themselves.

Third day sponge painting with cool sponge stamps. Lydia really enjoyed this, she made 3 pieces!

Fourth day, Lydia woke up with little red dots all over her. Last week she had an ear infection and was given antibotics. She was close to finishing the dosage so it may have been an allergic reaction. The other option that was given was that everything could have been viral related and the red dots come out at the end of a virus which I had never heard of until I had a baby. Either way we didn't make it to camp on this day, but the teacher called us to check on us and they saved our first Fleming Fine Arts Camp Shirt that they decorated. We will decorate it together at home.

Fifth day Lydia made a mask!

The only day I managed to take pictures of music was today Friday. Here the they were riding in their own buses around town. These two loved each other. They were high fiving. Lydia really likes playing with scarves but this was in between her dancing to the tunes.

The week of music and art was so fun. Lydia looked forward every day to going to school and it was the perfect amount of time. The activities change quickly enough for her. The teachers and other children were fantastic. I can't say enough great things about our experience now as a toddler and even last year as a 9 month old. There is still time to enroll and I have to say I am tempted to sign up again. The teachers said they change things up every week in case someone wants to take it more than once. Check out Berkeley Summer Programs.

After our last class class we went to Citrus Park Mall which I will claim to be the most child friendly mall ever. We did a little shopping we went to the family restrooms where Lydia got to wash her hands at a sink her size and thought it was the greatest thing ever.

Chik-fil-a for lunch. I know everyone loves these guys but they are so nice. They offered twice to help me to my table and then swung by to see if we needed anything. What fast food food court place does that? Plus Lydia's toy was a great book. We love those! I will say sometimes waiting for her to eat 4 nuggets (they are tore into pieces for cooling purposes) can take a long time. But she is experimenting putting her mandarin oranges in ketchup, of course.

Citrus Park not only has the best kid stores in my opinion with Gapkids and Gymboree located in the same place, but a carousel,play area, arcade, mini dollar rides, and even a play area in a very clean family bathroom suite if you have multiple kids it's perfect. After shopping, lunching and playing we headed home for afternoon naps. It was the end to a great week.

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