Tuesday, July 3, 2012

It's Hot!

We all know I am pregnant. We all know that I am in Florida and it's Summer, but it really is hot! The afternoons are really suffocating. Lydia and I have been getting a move on in the mornings to run errands or have some sort of fun activity before the heat gets us. It is unbearable from 1-6. Therefore in the afternoon, we nap. Sadly, our home air conditioning can not keep up with the blazing sun, even though it is set for 74 it is still 80 in the house. This is normal for Florida, I know, but it's still frustrating. I keep all the windows closed after 2pm to minimize heat creeping into the house and making things worse, every fan is on and Lydia and I are both just in long tank tops.

Today we are chilling in the bedroom watching Dora and we have brought in the additional occulating fan to be a bit more comfortable. Lydia loves the fan so much she dances in front of it and hugs it. She occassionally will say Thank You to the fan, which honestly, I totally get. So we will sit, sip lemonade and wait until at least after 6:30 to see that outside world again.

Most of this was written weeks ago, but today is not any different. Yesterday we drove by a bank that said it was 103 outside. It's hot. We are catching up on DVR shows until later this evening and then we are heading to the largest Splash Pad in Pinellas: Dunedin Splash Park and Highlander Park! Woohoo! Of course if we can manage to get ourselves motivated in this heat.

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