Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer Loving!

I started my day by sitting on the stoop of my little house eating a mango with my toddler. It was delightful. I peeled and slowly sliced up a mango and she yelled at an ant, "Stop Bug!"

Last week Eliot had the week off so we were able to really enjoy ourselves. We went to see Brave which we all really loved. This being Lydia's second movie theater experience she did very well. There were moments where she got very invested in the movie and would scream, "Stop Bear!" or shake her finger while saying "No no! Bear!"

We had a throw back Fourth of July in Temple Terrace with a neighborhood parade, time with friends, swimming in the pool, and fireworks! Thankfully we didn't forget the hotdogs and watermelon! Lydia was much more startled this year with the loud noises than she was last year. We had to explain to her that it was okay. She would yell, " Stop hurt!" We had to ask her where it hurt and explain that she was actually okay. It worked off and on, but everytime it came out of no where she would be upset again. Not much for loud surprises.

A great day at Busch Gardens, which really does have a fantastic kid area. Lydia really could play all day in the water area. This time we had lunch right next to the splash pad part. There are several areas with water and two side by side splash pads but this one was for the little ones which was perfect. We say under an umbrella table, she played and we had lunch for a very reasonable price considering it's a theme park and it was all you can eat. Lydia cried when we left that area. She kept trying to get back in the water. Eliot would grab her and she would say, "Stop Daddy! No no!"

We ended or began the week with a perfect day at the beach with the Bohrers. The water temperature was perfect and there was a slight breeze that made it super pleasant. I know I lost track of time. We had a nice lunch too. For a good chunk of the time, Lydia was a little intimidated by the movement of the Gulf. She would tell us all, "Me no want!" but slowly she warmed up, thanks to Uncle Matt and Aunt Megan who both convinenced her to get closer and closer. As we hiked out of the beach, she didn't even want to leave, walking super slow and trying to run back towards the beach.

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