Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Potty Training Woes

A few weeks ago Lydia went poo poo in the potty. It was an accidental event, I happen to catch her just as she needed to go and put her on the toilet. We made a huge deal there was dancing, m&ms and hi-fives all around. So we decided to get this party started.

We have a little potty that will sing when you go, we got books and even a doll that has her own potty. For months every time one of us goes we make the announcement so she understands what we are doing. She waves bye bye as we flush the toilet. She squats when she goes and even when it's time for number two she usually likes to find a place alone to do her business. She will immediately tell us and we change her diaper. All the signs point to her being ready.

Her perdiatrian actually suggested that we started the process at her 18 month visit, but we waited because the summer seemed like a better time to be able to really put some time into this project. Her doctor suggested that we give her a drink that is tasty that she never gets, put on her favorite show, sit the potty in the middle of the room and keep her without her diaper. When she is ready, you have her sit on the potty and then throw the party. Do this a couple of times and she will get it. Admittedly, it seemed easy enough.

This passed Saturday, we got up, I took her to 7-11 got slurpees. Hers was a yummy strawberry fanta. I opted for more of classic, which really was neither here nor there. We can home. Placed potty in the middle of the room. Turned on Disney Junior. Took off diaper.
Two minutes passed. Suddenly I see Lydia standing next to the potty, watching TV and urinating without any reaction. I keep it together. I clean it up. I don't want to give her negative reinforcement since she doesn't understand.

As I throw the soiled towels into the garage and paper towels in the trash, I see that she has overturned the racing red slurpee on the rug. I can't contain myself, I say NO! Lydia we don't spill drinks on purpose. I go and get things to clean it up. She is now squating as I clean, once I am done scooping up the slurpee and patting the rug. She stands up. She has peed again.

I immediately take her and put a diaper on. That was it. A diasterous 30 minutes of training. Though I have a little guilt about not giving it a better post graduate try, the thing is that I am just really pregnant. It's not so easy to be on all fours cleaning, and wiping every couple of minutes all while maintaining a sense of cool which would be useful for a toddler during pottery training rather than a cranky pregnany mom, that aches as she climbs up to an up right position again.
Lydia 1, Potty Training Mom 0

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  1. LOL. This was too funny. Never let your child run around without a diaper. I guess it's good she didn't do a secret poo somewhere that you don't know about.... 8-)