Thursday, May 10, 2007

Crazy Christians

The audacity to think that somehow God is intentionally causing hurricanes is already mind-blowing, but then you add a whole other level of absurdity when you realize that there are groups praying for God to send a hurricane to just destroy abortion clinics and nothing else. For the love all that is, where do these ideologies develop? It is certainly not Biblical because in my many courses of study not one time did I read that God heard prayer for the flood first and only then gave Noah a heads up. If God always knows the plan in detail don't you think he could have warned Jesus about the crucifixion thing? JC was theoretically following the plan but it is pretty clear that when he was hanging on the cross that his was dumbfounded since he bellows "Father, Father why have you forsaken me?" He had no clue. Sigh.

It appears that resolution has either been passed or proposed that the first day of Hurricane season will be a recognized as a day of prayer in Florida.

That in itself is not appalling, though it pushes my liberal buttons every time religious beliefs find their way into government practices. It’s like everyone just skips the part about separation of church and state and figure as long as no one gets lynched, we are in the clear.

Putting all that on the side for a moment, there are a plethora of radical Christian groups that are calling for mass prayer demonstrations that will plea for natural disasters to come, attack and destroy just some of the population. Of course it’s the women’s clinics that are providing a safe place for women to make choices based on their bodies and their lives…land of the free, my ass. No one is telling these people they have to get an abortion and I am sure that they are holy and blameless; surely the first ones in through the pearly gates when Jesus returns, but have they conveniently skipped over the throwing stones story. Ludicrous.

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