Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Joy of Soma

Bra shopping is always annoying. It takes time, the right frame of mind and energy to find the right fit and in the seconds that you try them on you really have no idea if it will work out, so that is even a bigger pain. Today I found the joy of Soma.

This little shop if a subsidiary of Chicos, a Florida based store. I arrived there upon recommendation from Wagner. She spoke so highly of it that I had to go check it out myself. First off the material that these products are made from is just divine. It makes you feel like your boobs are being held up by fairies. So light and soft. But the best part is that a professional Bra Master assists you with you sizing, trial and choosing process.

This is certainly not for the weak at heart. You must leave all shyness at the door when Eleanor approaches you with her tape measure and quickly escorts you to the dressing room. In this moment there was, at least for me, a moment of hesitation. I wasn't even encouraged to browse. Eleanor simply turned me around, look at me and returned minutes later with handfuls of perfect options.

Eleanor, roughly around 50 years old or so, would give me the privacy of trying them on alone but then her kind knock would quickly lead to her coming in and making all the necessary adjustments. She would give me her opinion and then tell me to put on my shirt again so she could make sure there wouldn't me any funny bumps showing through the shirt. After a pleasant hour or so, I couldn't ween my choices down further than 4 new bras! Luckily, there was great sale and buying one gave me one free. It was great and I can't wait to shower and slip into one of my new ones.

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  1. You are so funny! I love the "Adventures in Bra Shopping" and I am sooooo jealous you are working with Joel this summer- I totally had/have? a not-so-secret admiration-friendly crush on him. And you get Shelly and Chris, too?!?!? You guys are going to have a blast- I'll miss chilling in Spain with ya'll- have a tinto de verano (or two ;) for me!