Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Follow the Signs

The signs are everywhere if you chose to follow them. I have a friend that believes that the world is filled with signs and you can read them if you take the time to look for them. He also believes people all have animal identities and within minutes he can discern which animal you are. I am apparently a White Gorilla. The wild thing about being a white gorilla is that the most famous white gorilla was in Spain. Those of you that still read this may know my heart is there and for the last three years I have returned to the beautiful country hoping much of the time to stay, maybe forever. Today I spoke to him and he said that he was expecting my call because when he looked a Far Side calendar for May 1, it had gorillas eating bananas pretending they were joints. It really only makes sense to him.

Regardless of that, my friend, apparently the elephant, is in many ways wise, gentle, loving and forgiving, but he lives a life that is so unconventional. He doesn't have a job and really doesn't want one. His new life plan is to play poker. He claims that his worldview was developed by years of video games where little people are encouraged to eat wild mushrooms (Super Mario) and donkeys are bouncing around (I have no idea). He connects dots where traditionally no one would see even shadows of dots. The elephant is chasing a flossing rabbit these days. All I know is that this whole thing has taken an IB salutatorian promising future engineer so far down the rabbit whole that I worry that he will never find his way out, signs, road maps, mapquest and all.

All the best dear elephant friend, never forget that you can chose your own destiny, even if it's not in the stars.
White Gorilla

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