Friday, June 1, 2007

Ol' Stomping Grounds

Since summer has started, sort of, I have gotten the chance to go out a lot and rediscovered the glorious city in which I reside. Therefore, I have decided to start a reoccurring segment called "Ol' Stomping Grounds" that will cover local cuisine, cool pubs and anything else that comes to mind. Today, I have a handful and perhaps I am being over zealous with looking at 3 great places.


The last time I remember being there was with my grandfather when I was about 12 years old. In the last couple of weeks, I have been there twice. I still can't believe that it took me so long to return. Hands down the best burger in the 'Burg. It's cheap and a within the last decade has been designated a historical monument. Located in south St. Pete on a shabby little corner, this family owned place is an outdoor eatery that is lined with pink bath tubs filled with great greenery that creates intimacy along with the funky umbrellas to eliminate the blazing sun. There is usually a hippie guy on a guitar playing some folk music. It has incredible sweet tea and cheap grub.

Bella Brava

Mojito! Mojito! Mojito! Tasty and Expensive. One of these fantastic drinks will cost you 10 bucks, if you are willing to drop the cash you will not be disappointed. Bella's also has good fancy food, but if you are looking to balance your tab I recommend the Pear Spinanch Salad or the Hummus, both delicious. The lighting at this restaurant is always dim for that romantic atmosphere. There is outdoor seatting which I always prefer because it is a little less "Let's Shag" feel. The only negative thing is pricing, so if you want a long evening out it will put a nice hole in your pocket, but if you want to give it a shot, the drink specials everyday between 4-7 are worth it.

The Taste of Wine
Who knew? This place is located in the prime of downtown, above some of the most frequented establishments. Matter of fact, this was the first time I had every been, but loved it. New Orleans like style with a rod iron adorned balcony and tiny little tables with ridiculously heavy but comfortable chairs. It seemed like you could sit there forever. The array of fancy beers and luscious wines is substantial. You can also pick up a nice bottle of wine here.

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  1. Very cool locals- hummmm.. definitely nothing that neat in Winona. And a mojito- damn! Just finished class today for the summer, and I sure could go for one of those. Looks scrumptious. Thanks for sacrificing all that time and money to check these places out for our reading pleasure.