Sunday, June 17, 2007

Ol' Stomping Grounds


Asian food and sushi restaurant, Hooks, located on 9th Street has Wednesday $1 sushi night. BKay and I decided to check it out. We ordered ginger side salads and edimame to start. The $1 sushi only applied to the plain old raw kind which we didn't really know when we ordered a couple of shrimp and conch style pieces. We threw in a couple of other favorite rolls and put together a tasty and relatively inexpensive meal. The wait was a little long but it was a super deal night, so it was certainly tolerable.

The Martini Bar

BKay and I casually went the movies on Saturday and as we were leaving the BayWalk area we decided to stop by and wish a friend Happy Birthday. She was suppose to be at the Martini Bar. By name alone the assumption would be snooty little place with soft jazz playing and a colorful menu filled with things new words like Berrytini or Mmmtini. It turns out the Martini Bar was none of that. It was a full on dance club with young hoodlums clustered all over and that music that they call booty music blaring.

As we stood in the middle of this establishment, we looked at each other, not knowing exactly how we found ourselves there in that moment and our friend was no where to be found. The only way to survive is the secret code word of : Long Island Ice Tea. So we quickly slammed one and ordered another and headed to the dance floor.

It was so much fun to dance. Dance and not give a shit about trying to hook up or trying to maintain...just full on dancing! My hair was dripping with sweat which is only really hot in other circumstances but it didn't matter. BKay danced like a rock star and managed to score a shake or two from the super hot air force captain. The music got better as the evening turned in to early morning and the drinks grew from 2 to 4.

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