Friday, June 29, 2007

Mozart is Resurrected!

At some point I will share a bit about my art class (which I am trying to maintain an open mind) and about the characters that are sharing it with me. For now, because of time constraints, I will simply recount my evening. We attended a classical string concert at St. Martin's in the Wall (this is the actual name of the church.) it was built in the 12th century but for a Catholic worship space during that time it was humble and appears as if Zwingli had come in as the interior designer. (For those who have no idea who that guy is all you really need to know is that he like things super simple. The other thing is you must know is that I am a nerd.) The music was superb, even for the novice Classical music connoisseur. Who doesn't like Vivaldi's Four Season or Schubert's Ave Maria?

We then dined at a local microbrewery. Though, the intention was to sample the lot of odd brews it was prime dinner time and the waitress shared with us that they had no more sampling sets available. Though we managed to spread the joy a bit a mixed, a pale ale and ordered by me a wheat. all very good. You can purchase the beers to take home, plus an assortment of mugs, pilsner glasses, beer jam as souvenirs. I have the hope of return to figure out what the hell Banana or Coffee beer may taste like.

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