Thursday, June 28, 2007

Architecture in Prague.

The interesting thing about this city is that you can be walking down any random street and see very traditional buildings that to be honest look like every other old European city but suddenly out of no where there will be something that is spectacular. On the left is a very modern building called "Fred and Ginger" because it looks like a dancing couple. Pretty freaking cool particularly when you look towards your right and see the series of bridges that cross the river. One being the Charles Bridge, which I am standing on here, which dates back to the 14th century.

Prague has a weight to it. It is afterall the home of Kafka and Kundera who are not known for their chick-lit but it is clear that the suffering that has been done on this land is such a deep part of the identity that is manifested in the city itself. Its beauty is almost tainted by it. Until the sunsets and a softness crashes onto to the city. The buildings seem a little kinder. The need for restoration fades; the marks that have been acquired in battle are no longer noticeable and heart of what Prague really is resurrected.

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